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  • Katie Scott

Faux Jadeite Hack

I'm a super big fan of this cute little YouTube Channel, The Daily DIYer! The brains behind the channel is an adorable #girlboss named Shannon who creates regular content on her Farmhouse inspired home renovations, simple build-it-yourself tutorials and amazingly creative dollar store hacks.

Last week, Shannon posted a picture on Instagram of her spring coffee bar makeover. It was filled with the most beautiful collection of Fire King Jadeite! I double tapped that picture and kept on scrolling, never taking the time to read the post. The next day, I found myself all over e-bay and Etsy looking for vintage Jadeite to start a collection of my own.

Well, it turns out that Shannon's treasures were actually a DIY hack! I should have known, but I was honestly fooled by this one. She took some thrifted finds and a few dollar store items and PAINTED THEM! Genius.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I paint stuff for a living. I knew right away that I could get a similar effect with Pistachio from The FAT Paint Company. Since I am always picking up fun glassware from thrift shops (when I should be looking for furniture), I usually have a good selection in my cupboards. I did hit up Dollarama for the salt & pepper shakers.

Shannon started her DIY by brushing chalk paint but quickly decided that using a spray paint would be much quicker. Since I use my pneumatic paint gun regularly, I decided to use it here as well. You can absolutely achieve this look with a paint brush, it will just take a few extra coats to get full coverage over the glass. FAT Paint is a latex-based paint that's been "FAT'nd" up with chalk. Hence the clever name. It has great adhesion and easily sticks itself to most porous surfaces, such as wood, glass, metal, plastic and even fabric.

I sprayed all of my glass and ceramic pieces with 2 light coats of paint. Once my FAT had dried I went back with a spray can of Clear Gloss Top Coat from my hardware store to bring back the shiny appearance of glass.

Ready to spray, out in the garage.

I am so completely in love with how these turned out! They're not exactly the same yellow-green shade as my inspiration, but I think they'll do the trick. Please note that these pieces are no longer food safe. I'll be using them strictly as decor. The top coat should allow for regular dusting and occasional wiping when necessary but I wouldn't suggest soaking these in water.

Check out Shannon's Jadeite video here: