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  • Katie Scott

Mismatched Farmhouse Nightstands

I get least 2 messages every week asking me if I have any nightstands in stock. White nightstands in particular seem to be the thing that everyone is looking for! I try to pick up pairs of nightstands whenever I find them at the thrift stores, but the fact is, finding a decent pair that's tall enough to work beside todays big beds is hard.

These 2 dressers are both previous projects of mine. They were both refinished in completely different colours and, while I loved them, they didn't ever receive any serious interest from buyers.

Since I recently closed up my booth at The Country Market and I had to drag these both home anyways, I figured I might as well go ahead and repaint them. I'd rather have pieces sell and be loved by someone than sit around in my garage collecting dust.

Both of these dressers had been sealed with wax after their original makeovers. Since wax resists paint, it needed to be removed before I could move forward. I used mineral spirits, in the garage, with the door open (it's stinky stuff) and a rag to scrub the wax off. Once that was all dry, I sprayed a quick coat of BIN primer, just incase I missed any wax, and then I was ready for my new paint job.

I applied 3 coats of FAT Paint in the colour Snow. Snow is FAT's whitest white and might be my very favourite colour! Once all my paint was dry I gave it all a quick sand with some 400 grit sandpaper, being careful not to remove paint (or distress) on the edges. For maximum protection of my new white finish, I applied 3 coats of FAT Top Coat, a non-yellowing liquid product that will enable these pieces to be wiped while also ensuring the colour stays crisp.

I have to say, I love this rendition just as much as the original makeovers. Hopefully now they'll SELL!