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  • Katie Scott

Repainting when it just won't sell.

I've already transformed this console table once. It got great feedback on Instagram but I never really got any serious interest from buyers. This piece even spent a month in my retail space before I closed it up and still no takers.

This was the first makeover I did on this table.

Since it had been in the retail store and moved around a few times, my fresh new, matte black makeover was starting to look a little tired. Scuffed up and dinged is not something I'm comfortable putting my name on and I didn't want to mark it down so far that I was loosing money on it. I just repainted it instead!

Hardware makes such a huge difference in the look and feel of furniture.

A few quick coats of Snow White from The FAT Paint Company and another easy hardware swap and now its fresh and polished again and will hopefully find a great home!

Fresh and Crisp in Snow