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My name is Katie. About 5 years ago I found a love for painting and restyling old, worn out furniture pieces and saving them from the trash. I became so obsessed with the process that I started my own home based business so that I could do it full time. 

These days you can find me all over social media sharing the tips and tricks that I've learned about the furniture refinishing process and creating new inspiration every week on my YouTube channel. Reinventing these pieces is incredibly therapeutic and I love to share the products and processes that work for me. 

Some of the pieces that I makeover get donated to community members in need of home furnishings and every now and then I sell to the public. 

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Unfortunately I do not have the capacity to offer any sort of consultation services or answer project specific questions at this time.

If you have questions regarding furniture refinishing please refer to my YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram or TikTok accounts, where I share all of my tips and tricks.

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